Dear all,

This Online Training Workshop on Big Data is co-hosted by International Knowledge Center for Engineering Sciences and Technology under the auspices of UNESCO (IKCEST) and International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation under the auspices of UNESCO (ISTIC), and will be organized by IKCEST Silk Road Training Base

Details are as follows:

I. Trainees

Foreign students and teachers from Belt-road countries.

II. Training Time

August 3 to August 9.

III. Forms of Training 

A combined approache of video-on-demand (shortened as VOD) study, quiz in video, online discussion and after-class practicing will be employed in the online training.

IV. Contents

This training programme has 25 lectures, and aims to introduce the biomedicine technology used in the COVID-19 prevention and control. 

V. Certificate

Trainees will be awarded a training certificate jointly issued by IKCEST and Xi'an Jiaotong University after they complete all the courses, finish the survey and pass the tests.



VI. How to Apply & Participate

Step 1: 

(Old users)Please join the class with verify code S20993 at the IKCEST website.

(New users)Please register and join the class using the link below.

Step 2: Scan QR code to join the WeChat group for this program, where notification of MOOC Platform Account for those who successfully registered will be announced.

Step 3: Go to the MOOC platform for online learning.

Step 4: Finish the survey and the online tests.


Registration Deadline:

July 31

Notification of MOOC Platform and Account:

August 2

Online Learning:

August 3 - August 9

Survey and Test :

Before August 12

For more details, please contact us:


 IKCEST Training Base

                                                 July 28, 2020